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Guava Amaranth Challah Kit

Guava Amaranth Challah Kit

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This kit is a complement to our upcoming Live classes held on September 10th and September 14th at 6 PM CDT via Zoom, where you'll learn how to make a delicious and beautiful guava and amaranth round challah for the Holidays.

Our kit includes dry dough ingredients (flour, salt, sugar & dry yeast), guava paste, puffed amaranth, and printed instructions. 

You'll need eggs, vegetable oil, honey, a stand mixer (*optional, can be made by hand), a large bowl, a bench scraper or knife, a baking tray, a paper or silicone baking mat, and an oven.

*Purchasing the kit only will not give you a ticket to the class, if you would like to participate, make sure to add either the September 10th class or the September 14th class to your cart.  

 **Kits will be shipped a week before class to ensure you'll receive them on time. 

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