• Do you have a storefront? 
    At the moment we don't, we are focusing on custom made orders, that way nothing goes to waste. 

  • Are you Kosher certified?
    We are not Kosher certified, but all of our ingredients are.

  • Do you offer Gluten Free (GF) & Dairy Free (DF) options?
    We don't have any baked goods that are GF at the moment, but hopefully we will soon! The vegan babka and challah are DF and you can also choose to have a regular babka with one of our vegan fillings if you're just trying to avoid dairy. Send us a message! 

  • What about food allergies?
    Our products are made in a shared kitchen space that handles dairy, eggs, soy, wheat and nuts.

    Although we offer vegan, nut free and DF options we can’t guarantee that it is safe for people who suffer severe food allergies.

  • Do you ship outside of Chicago?
    We do! We are now shipping nationwide through USPS Priority Mail. A medium box fits 3 items at a flat rate of $15. We ship on Wednesdays & Thursdays so you can enjoy it during the weekend. Check out our shipping menu here.

  • Where can I pick up? *We currently only have one pick up location in Pilsen, address will be given at checkout.
    We have three pick up locations:
    1. Wednesday - Friday at The Shudio on 1152 W 18th St from 1-6pm
    2. Fridays at Goddess & the Baker on 225 N LaSalle St from 1:30 - 7pm
    3. Fridays at Goddess & The Baker on 33 S Wabash Ave from 2 - 7pm 

  • Do you offer local deliveries?
    We do! Fridays only from 1 to 6pm. Cut Cats Courier takes care of our deliveries in Chicago. They are locally owned and the greenest option to get your goodies since they deliver everything by bike no matter what the weather looks like. Tips are greatly appreciated!  Check out our delivery rates here.


  • Can I cancel my order?
    Yes, you cancel your order at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise we will not be able to refund you. 

  • Do you offer contactless pickup? 
    Yes! Text us before arrival and we will place your order right in your trunk/back seat, or place it on a surface at the entrance. For deliveries, our couriers are making sure to deliver without contact.
    Let us know if we can answer any additional questions. 
    Tamar & Elena

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